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Capital Asset and Unsecured Financing up to $500,000

Terms Range 12-Months to 60-Months



(877) 977-4161

Apply For Funding:

Main Line: (877) 977-4161

Primary line for general questions (or) to speak with a finance manager about your business your company's funding needs. If you're interested in becoming a vendor or broker partner you may also request information  using this line.

Equipment Dealers: (877) 455-7443

Support line for vendors approved with JKE Leasing. Get updates from underwriting and communicate faster during documentation and closing.

Brokers: (781) 881-5020

Direct line for broker relations and BR funding department. Contact your account manager and request updates on deals.

About JKE Financial


JKE Financial is a business financing company designed to help small businesses grow by giving them easy access to working capital when they need it most. JKE Financial offers its clients flexible terms, exclusive account management options, and lower rates than industry standards on popular business loan, line of credit, and advance products.


​What makes JKE Financial one of the best financing solutions in the alternative financing industry is our professional account managers that are here to help you at every step during the funding process. Our team treats every one of our clients with respect while understanding that each business has different needs. We work hard to meet those needs and ensure you are satisfied with your decision in JKE Financial’s funding services.


Our process is quicker and requires much less paperwork than traditional bank loans. Applications are approved within 2 hours and funds are released the same day the agreement is completed. JKE Financial’s quick funding allows you to keep focusing on the important aspects of your business and have the security of knowing that you work with a lender you can trust with your financing needs.

Business Evaluation

15 - 30 Minutes

Consult with a finance manager

First step is a brief introduction call to better understand the needs of your business. Here, we learn from you and  then determine the best funding strategy to move you towards your goals and increase your results on a monthly basis.

Application Process

2 - 4 Hours (Depending on Request)

Submit your application for funding

Once you have met your finance manager and identified the best funding options for your business; you will receive a kit via email with information on the funding programs discussed and an application for E-Signature.


Funds Available within 24 - 48 Hours

Use funds for your business

Most businesses are approved and funded within 24-hours or less. You can now use the funds to expand your business, purchase inventory, buy equipment, and more! As your business grows, a finance manager will always be here for you, call (877) 977-4161

Benefits of Financing

Fast - Businesses are able to quickly apply, receive approval, and secure funds all within 24-hours. Instead of waiting, you receive the purchase power needed for new opportunities and expansion costs immediately.

Most Businesses Approved - With JKE Financial you are able to receive funding when it is important for the business. Different from bank financing; alternative funders are more flexible in their underwriting process than traditional banks are and therefore have a less strict criteria for approval. Your business is not declined when capital is needed, alternative funders review the account and present creative solutions that are designed to meet a businesses cash flow and provide the funds when they are requested. 

Doesn't Limit Ability To Secure Future Capital - Using alternative financing doesn't prevent a business from securing credit lines or bank financing in the future. Alternative financing is structured differently and can be considered off-balance-sheet financing; you can receive funds (or) equipment now without limiting your ability to expand through financing as the business grows.

Unique Remittance Not Offered By Traditional Banking - With programs like invoice factoring, equipment leasing, receivable financing, (and more) alternative financing companies can structure payments and terms in a way that benefit the business where they see it most, on their monthly balance sheet. Payback doesn't limit your monthly cash flow so you have more funds for new projects and day-to-day business operations.

No Use Restrictions on Capital - Funds are not limited to lender stipulations, you can freely use the funds in the way that is best suited for the business. Should new opportunities or initiatives present themselves, you can allocate funds to cover these new costs.

Equipment Purchases - When purchasing equipment, businesses are able to take advantage of valuable tax deductions such as Section-179 to lower the overall cost they pay for their equipment purchase.

New Avenues To Aquire Capital - Alternative financing gives you more power when seeking funding for your business. You have access to new forms of financing that you can leverage with bank financing to take your business to the next level. Having more access to financing allows you to take advantage of powerful opportunities and do more good as a company.


Invoice Factoring

Asset Based Lending


Rental Financing

Vendor Financing, up to $5MM

JKE Leasing

JKE Leasing finances revenue producing assets and leases equipment ranging from $5,000 - $250,000 for vendors and customers in the United States and Canada. Flexible financing and leasing options based on the customer's purchase needs, 12 - 60 month terms, rates start at 6.25% with funding option for A - C credit types.

Easy application process, Fast approvals within hours! 

Do you have a quote or invoice for equipment? Need financing? Visit to learn more about leasing options for vendors and their customers.